At Inhim Classic Car Restorations, we provide a wide range of services for our clients. These services can range from minor repairs, repainting and vehicle detailing to complete body-off restorations. We work with our clients to deliver restoration outcomes that meet or exceed their expectations, delivering quality and cost effectiveness. We also assist clients by finishing off on those unfinished restoration projects that has been buried in the shed for years.  

Inhim Auto Restorers specialize in all old car restorations, from Sports Car Restoration to Vintage Car Restoration, inside and out.


Painting – Partial and Full Body

Trim – Chrome, Aluminium & Stainless Steel

Body & Panel Repairs – Rust Removal & Panel Rebuilding

Upholstery - Interior

Mechanical – Engine, Transmission, Steering, Brakes

Wheels & Alloys

Re-assembly – Unfinished Project Completions

Parts Sourcing


Transport – Local & Interstate

Unit 8/26 Walker St, South Windsor, NSW

Body & Panel repairs

In our body shop, our experts are capable of executing tasks ranging from basic rust and dent restoration up to complete panel material replacement and restoration. Our repairs are directed at maximising metal repairs in order to eliminate/minimise filler materials. Ensuring a quality product that would last is our key focus.


Our paint specialists will restore the appearance of your classic car with a fresh paint job in either its period correct colour or maybe even a unique custom colour. Our focus is also directed at thorough and meticulous preparation prior to paint, thus delivering a final finish that can last for years.


We can repair existing or re-create the interior upholstery for almost any vehicle. We use only quality materials when restoring our project vehicles.


At Inhim we fully understand that the time required into restoring your classic car can be monumental. We realise that many well intended restoration projects end up being sold as spares at give-away prices or spend years being locked up in sheds with owners simply not having the time to finish their projects. Therefore we at Inhim will assist clients into finishing those unfinished projec

Parts Sourcing

Obtaining parts for your classic car can sometimes seem next to impossible. With our extensive network of contacts, we can potentially obtain some of the scarcest parts on your vehicle. In instances where components are simply impossible to find, we will utilise the services of machining specialists to fabricate these where possible.


We can bring the shine back to your chrome, aluminium or stainless trimmings. Our experts can remove dents and scratches and through professional polishing make it look like new again. We have access to high quality chrome plating facilities which allows for the shine to return again.


At Inhim we acknowledge that we cannot be specialists on the mechanicals of all our project vehicles end therefore we utilise the services of only the best original equipment manufacturer specialists. Our services range from minor engine services to engine bay detailing and even complete engine and transmission rebuilds. We assist our customers in achieving the best quality outcome without the excessive price tag. For those components that can be impossible to find, we use the services of skilled machinists.


At Inhim Classic Car Restorations we are dedicated at providing the best possible experience you can have in achieving a quality and cost effective restoration of your classic car. We also provide the following additional services to our customers:

  • Abrasive blasting and acid dipping
  • Rubber replacements (windows, doors, engine bays etc.).
  • Bumper repairs
  • Pink and Blue slip inspection repairs (NSW)

Wheels & Alloys

Our expert wheel and alloy team is able to repair damaged wheels back to its former glory. Our services in wheel repairs range from minor damage (gutter rash) to more extensive machine finishing.

With our extensive network of suppliers and service providers we can also assist our clients in obtaining period featured tyres for their vehicles.


At Inhim we are focussed at making our clients’ experience of restoring their classic car as simple and easy as possible. We realise that in some cases just getting the car to our facilities can be a challenge. To assist we therefore provide several transport options. These options allow our clients to remove unnecessary complicating activities from their concerns and enable Inhim to get into your restoration quicker.

Our transport options also now enable interstate clients to utilise our quality and cost effective services for classic car restorations. With detailed briefings and electronic communications interstate buyers can have their vehicles restored without having to even visit the Inhim facilities.


At Inhim Classic Car Restorations we recognise that all a classic car may require to shine like new is a thorough professional detail. We therefore also provide a range of detailing services to suit the needs of our clients. Our most frequent detailing services are:

  • Full interior and exterior detailing
  • Cosmetic interior detailing
  • Engine bay detailing
  • Exterior detailing

Our detailing specialists understand the unique needs of a classic car and can provide that finishing touch to make your car look its best



Unit 8/26 Walker St, South Windsor, NSW
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