Muscle Car Restorations Sydney

For many people, a “dream car” is some kind of muscle car or a vintage sports car from decades gone by, and we couldn’t agree more.

Think Dodge Challengers, Chevrolet Chevelles, Ford Mustangs, Ford Falcons, Plymouth Road Runners, Chevrolet Cameros, Ford Landaus, Plymouth Furys, Pontiac Firebirds, Holden FXs, Chrysler Valiants, Holden Specials, Cadillac El Dorados, Holden Commodres, Dodge Super Bees and Ford Torinos.

The so-called muscle cars of old are just so visually and mechanically powerful, we need to see more of them on our roads. They’re just such head turners or at least, with some careful muscle car restoration, they can certainly be.

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Have you got a muscle car parked in your yard that is in need of some TLC? With the help of the leading muscle car restorers in Sydney, you can breathe new life into a vintage muscle car.

INHIM Classic Car Restorations are the most trusted muscle car specialists Sydney has to offer. Our expert team offers a wide choice of muscle car restoration services including:

Muscle Car Paint Restoration

Where your muscle car requires a partial or full body paint job, the INHIM team can help. Our paint specialists can restore the appearance of your vintage muscle car with a fresh paint job in its exact original colour or even a new, unique custom colour of your choice.

Muscle Car Upholstery Restoration

INHIM Classic Car Restorations can restore the upholstery of virtually any muscle car. Our muscle car interior restoration team only use the highest quality materials when restoring vintage vehicles.

Muscle Car Body Restoration

The INHIM body shop can facilitate a vast array of muscle car body repairs including rust removal and panel re-building. Our muscle car restoration experts can take on a range of tasks from basic rust and dent restoration right up to complete panel material replacement and restoration.

Muscle Car Detailing

We also offer a series of superior muscle car detailing services from muscle car dash restoration and complete interior and exterior detailing to engine bay detailing, cosmetic interior detailing and more.

The INHIM team know what it takes to provide that finishing touch to help your muscle car look its best.

Muscle Car Engine Restoration

For muscle car engine restorations and other mechanical servicing like brakes, transmission and steering, we leverage the expertise of the best original equipment manufacturer specialists. We can provide a range of mechanical restoration services from minor engine services to engine bay detailing and even complete engine and transmission rebuilds. 

Muscle Car Parts & Sourcing

Obtaining parts and components for your muscle car can seem impossible. With our extensive network of contacts, we can potentially obtain some of the scarcest parts for your muscle car.

If parts or components can’t be sourced, we can utilise the services of machining specialists to fabricate these where possible. 

For the best muscle car restorations Sydney has to offer at the most affordable prices, contact our expert team today. We can come to you or you can bring your vehicle to our store for an assessment of your options and costs.

Inhim Auto Restorers specialize in all old car restorations, from Sports Car Restoration to Vintage Car Restoration, inside and out.

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