About Us

Inhim Classic Car Restorations is a young and vibrant business specialising in the restoration and repair of classic and sports cars.

Inhim had its inception in 2009 when the Managing Director of Inhim Classic Car Sales conducted a study into alternative options for achieving timely, quality driven and cost effective restoration of classic and sports cars. Following months of detailed investigation, he developed a new process into achieving these outcomes – a process that was first successfully employed soon afterwards.

At Inhim Classic Car Restorations we utilise specialist services in all of our restoration projects – without the specialist price tag. We fully understand that obtaining a quality product within a reasonable timeframe and within a set budget are key factors during the restoration process.

We also realise that each of our customers have different constraints, some ranging from time while others might be related to resources. In order to assist our clients and ease the restoration process, we now also offer a range of different transportation options. Our clients can opt to have their vehicle be collected at the place of storage and transported to our facilities. With reduced transportation cost recently, also enables interstate clients to utilise our great quality service.

Inhim Auto Restorers specialize in all old car restorations, from Muscle Car Restoration to Classic Car Restoration, inside and out.



Unit 8/26 Walker St, South Windsor, NSW
Unit 2, 2B Business Circuit, Wauchope



*  Complete Restorations

*  Partial Restorations

*  Rust Repairs

*  Respray

*  Interior Rejuvenation

*  Engine Upgrade

* Buyer's Assistance

* Floor Replacements

* Classic Car Rentals