Mercedes Specific Services

Because we work with a lot of Mercedes Benz models over the years, we have developed a fair amount of knowledge on specific cars.  During this time we have identified several key and recurring issues with these cars that can be easy to address if caught early.

Mercedes R107 front spoiler upgrade

Looking to upgrade your Series I Mercedes R107 to look more like the Series II cars?

We can assist by installing a new front spoiler to your vehicle. The new spoiler will be procured, installed and painted in the correct colour for your vehicle.

Contact us if you would like to have some more information.

Mercedes R107 Sub-frame support weld-in plates

In the early 1980’s the V8 Mercedes R107 vehicles developed issues with the control arm mounting brackets. In some cases the lower control arm sheared off from the sub-frame, ultimately ending up in a significant repair being required.

Mercedes-Benz had a recall of the V8 R107’s and replaced the sub-frame on the cars that came back. However, not all these cars were taken back to the dealerships for repair and consequently there are still some cars out there at risk of failure.

Should you own a R107 that has the sub-frame not replaced, you may need to address the issue before it potentially becomes more costly to repair.

Mercedes-Benz had an approved solution that required the welding in of specific plates between the sub-frame and the control arms. If it is welded in before a crack or shear commenced, the repair can be done without removing the sub-frame, alternatively a costly sub-frame removal is required.

We have completed similar repairs on Mercedes R107 V8’s in the past and can assist with addressing this issue on your car.  

Contact us if you would like to have some more information. 

Mercedes R107 water ingress via the fan motor and bulkhead  

Older Mercedes R107’s are known to leak water into the cabin from behind the dashboard. Several causes may exist for this ingress but one of the more likely causes is due to corrosion of the bulkhead.

If caught early, the repair may only require the removal of the corroded side walls around the fan motor cowling instead of a significant and costly removal of the scuttle, windscreen and dashboard.

If you are experiencing water ingress into your R107 from behind the dashboard, contact us if you would like to obtain some more information.

Mercedes R107 rust inside engine bay rail

Due to leaking washer bottle seals and the blocking of the drain holes situated inside the engine bay rails, these rails frequently end up corroding over long periods of time.

As the youngest of the R107 are approaching the age of 30 and the oldest units approaching 48, having a blocked drain hole is probably present on many of these cars. These blockages ultimately end up in some degree of corrosion being present inside the rails.

At Inhim Classic Car Restorations we have come across numerous of these cars over the past few years and had to assist with rust repairs in several instances. If addressed in a timely fashion, the repair does not require the engine to be removed. If not addressed in a timely fashion, the repair could be more severe resulting in a potentially costly engine removal process.

If you are experiencing corrosion on the rails inside the engine bay or underneath the front guards of your Mercedes R107; contact us if you would like to obtain some more information on how to resolve the corrosion



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