Respray & Engine Swap

1977 Pontiac Firebird

Vehicle received with blown motor

Owner requested several upgrades to improve sound, feel and presentation of the car 

Trans-Am bonnet and shaker installed

Trans-Am decal installed on bonnet

Performance headers & exhaust system installed

Period specific vinyl seats installed

Paint scratches and cracks repaired

Old blown motor replaced with enhanced 383ci Chevrolet V8

Vehicle handed over to owner, registered and ready to drive


The vehicle was delivered to our facilities as a non-runner with a blown motor

A new V8 Chevrolet 383ci crate motor was sourced and installed

A Trans-Am bonnet with shaker arrangement was installed and finished off with the Trans-Am decal over the bonnet

Performance headers and exhaust system was sourced and installed

The interior was upgraded to an aluminium backing and the installation of new vinyl seats in front and rear

The Air-conditioning system was re-commissioned to operate effectively

Numerous scratches and cracks in the paint was repaired and all of these were addressed with a respray of the affected areas

New performance headers and        exhaust system installed                 

Interior – aluminium backing and new vinyl seats


Vehicle delivered to owner – roadworthy and registered 



– Click on the picture below to view gallery –


– Click on the picture below to view gallery –

Customer satisfaction

“Very, very happy with the car. It looks absolutely amazing. 

I always wanted to upgrade the motor to something more powerful and the 383 was a great choice. 

Thank you to Riaan and the team at Inhim for doing such a great job. It looks like it just rolled off the production line. Perfect! 

This car is an absolute joy to drive – thank you Inhim. Job very well done”. 

Robert T

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