Morris Minor


Full Restoration

1957 Morris Minor 1000

Vehicle received in panels and boxes

Complete bare metal exterior restoration

Interior restoration and new seals

Mechanical and brake system major overhaul

Vehicle handed to owner – registered and ready to drive


The Morris Minor was received in panels and boxes from the  owner.

A complete bare metal restoration was completed on the exterior, bonnet, doors, boot and engine bay.

The vehicle’s engine and brake system were refurbished while the interior was refurbished and new carpets were installed.

The vehicle waspresented to the owner as a registered vehicle and ready to be driven on the road.

Engine and brake system refurbishment 


Interior refurbished – new carpet, seals and lights


Vehicle delivered to owner – roadworthy and registered 


Customer satisfaction

“I am so happy with the result.

My car looks absolutely great and I just love how the restoration ended up.

The paint colour came out better than I could ever have imagined.

Thank you Riaan &  Inhim Classic Car Restorations for making my dream become reality”


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